Data Center Sharing

Colocation Scalable Solutions for a Shared IT Infrastructure

Companies purchase rack space and in return receive a secure area within The Kolhapur Urban Co-Operative Bank Ltd Data Center to physically house equipment. The service includes space in a controlled environment, regulated power supply, dedicated and shared network connections, state-of-the-art security, redetection and suppression, and many other valuable features. Additional value-added services are offered as part of the Colocation Services including network and connectivity services, remote hand support services, storage services, etc.

Colocation Services

The following describes specifc features of each available Colocation Service:

Half Rack Space
20U rack space in standard rack
Space provided in rack on a shared basis
2KVA-rated AC power on a single phase
One IEC-type single phase power socket of 230V/32A
Controlled environment and precision AC
Multiple levels of security
Unparalleled facility, power and network uptime guarantee

Standard Full Rack
42U rack space in a standard rack with 2KVA AC power
Two IEC-type single phase power socket
Vertical power strip in each rack
Controlled environment and precision AC
Multiple levels of security
Unparalleled facility, power and network uptime guarantee

Colocation Service Features
Standard features Colocation Services include the following:
Security Mission critical operations require the highest level of security. data centers deliver multilevel physical security through a combination of secure access and 24X7 surveillance. A pre-screening background check determines eligibility of colocation site access. Also, all areas of the colocation site — both internal and external — are continuously monitored and recorded by highly sensitive security cameras. Access to the colocation site is controlled through utilization of proxy card swipe or biometric hand geometry readers.

Maximum Availability
Customer transactions, vendor relationships, and internal communications — organizations rely heavily on high availability for important business processes. As an industry leader in delivering data center and colocation solutions, strives for 99.8 percent uptime availability. Multiple layers of redundancy for backup power ensure the data center infrastructure is always available and secure. High power availability is dually sourced from state and local power providers, Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) and backup generators. Customers also benefit from a redundant, high capacity network and guaranteed service levels.

Business expansion does not always occur as expected, making it costly to invest in infrastructure that will not be fully utilized. In addition, companies need the ability to add services quickly to respond to market opportunities. Colocation provides a fast and cost-effective way to quickly ramp up or ramp down, depending upon business growth.

Cost-effective Support Options
A staff of data center professionals is costly to train and maintain. As part of its Colocation Services, KUCB provides highly trained experts to deliver remote hands support. Support costs are affordable because resources are shared across an extensive user base.