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  1. Term will be 5 years.
  2. Interest – 9.50%.
  3. Minimum deposit amount Rs.1000.
  4. In this plan interest will be deposited on saving account.
  5. Interest occurred every month will be deposited to a new opened recurring account.
  6. Initial amount and recurring amount will be given altogether.
  7. If account is closed before, the interest from the original amount will be deducted and the remaining amount will be given.
  8. Other rules of savings account will be applicable.
  9. Under this plan nominee facility is also provided.
  10. If amount withdrawn before, following interest rates will be applicable.
Time Period Interest Rate
1 Year To 2 Year’s 8.00%
2 Year’s To 5 Year’s 9.00%

For more inquiries regarding above plan, Contact
Mr. Suresh Chougule
I/c C.E.O.
Mobile- 9552586104
Mrs. Veerashri Shinde
Marketing Officer
Mobile – 9822593011