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The Kolhapur Urban bank has launched a special scheme providing loan for House construction, Buying flat / home, Expansion of existing house, buying residential flat etc. to Government servants, Doctors, Chartered Accountants, Primary, Secondary Teachers and Professors as well as clients with more than Rs.1,50,000/- annual income and having regularly repaid a loan of Rs.2,00,000/- or more with us or any other financial institution.

Eligibility :
The applicant must be / become a member of the Bank. He must have a Government / Semi Government (P.F. Deduction compulsory) permanent job. Must be able to pay the Loan EMI from the income. Husband, Wife, Mother, Father, Brother or Sister with individual source of income can become co-applicant.

Security for Loan:
For the loan the home / constructed land / plot will has to be given as security by Registered / Equitable mortgage. The secured property must be N.A. Two eligible guarantors are required for the said loan. Also Insurance policy in favor of the bank is a must.

The duration for the repayment of the loan will be decided considering the repayment capacities of the applicant subject to a maximum of 15 yrs.

Loan Amount :
The loan amount in this scheme can be from Rs.2 Lakh to a maximum of Rs.20 Lakh. The amount can be upto a maximum of 85 % of secured home / plot / construction cost inclusive of registration etc. depending upon the repayment capabilities of the applicant.

Interest Rate & EMI :
A special Interest Rate and easy EMI facility is provided under this scheme. Also a discounted interest will be levied upon clients providing 25% of Liquid Security or Agreement to deduct EMI from salary.